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Dry Cleaning vs Wet Cleaning: What You Should Consider?

Dry cleaning and wet cleaning are both methods used to clean clothing, but the processes are different, the clothes get cleaned in different ways, and there are some important things to consider before deciding which one you should use.

When you’re choosing a laundry pickup service near me for dry cleaning vs wet cleaning, these are just some of the factors you’ll want to consider so you can pick the right one to suit your needs!

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the process of removing dirt and stains from clothing without using any water. It is a process that uses various solvents and chemicals to break down the dirt and dissolve stains. The solvent used depends on the type of fabric being cleaned.

Pros Of Dry Cleaning


  • Dry cleaners are typically cheaper than wet cleaners.
  • Dry cleaners will also do more of the work for you, such as pressing your clothes and removing stains.
  • Dry cleaners can handle delicate garments better, such as wool and silk. – The solvents used for the process are typically more environmentally friendly than those used for wet cleaning.
  • You don’t have to wait for the clothes to dry, which can be up to four hours for a regular load of laundry.

What Is Wet Cleaning?


Wet cleaning is the newest trend in garment care and offers many advantages over dry-cleaning. The process utilizes an environmentally friendly solvent, usually water or carbon dioxide, to remove soils from a garment. Unlike dry-cleaning, which uses chemicals and heat to remove oils and soil from a garment, wet cleaning only requires the use of water or carbon dioxide and does not require any chemical pre-treatments for soiled garments.

Pros Of Wet Cleaning


  • Wet cleaning is gentler on fabrics, which means that it won’t cause as many wear and tear issues down the line.
  • Wet cleaning prevents shrinking because clothes are kept in their natural state when being cleaned instead of put into a dryer or ironed after drying like with regular dry cleaners.
  • Wet cleaning is a more efficient process. It utilizes two steps, one to remove the dirt and one to extract the water.
  • Wet-cleaning doesn’t use any chemical solvents, so it’s environmentally friendly!

Which Type Of Cleaning Is Best For Which Garments?


The type of cleaning process that is best for your garments depends on the type of fabric and how heavily soiled it is. Dry-cleaning is typically used for delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and feathers because it uses chemicals that are less likely to damage these types of materials.

Wet-cleaning, on the other hand, can be used on any type of fabric but will not remove stains as well as dry-cleaning. Wet cleaners typically use water or steam to remove dirt and other contaminants from clothes. The difference between dry cleaning versus wet cleaning is that the latter type usually has a shorter lifespan than the former due to wear-and-tear.


Both dry and wet are effective in removing stains and odors from clothes, but these differences between the two that can help you decide which to choose. Looking for the best Laundry Pickup Service near me? Get in touch with us for professional wet and dry cleaning at affordable prices.