Dry Cleaning pickup Service Dubai

How to Keep Up with Dry Cleaning Schedule in Your Busy Routine?

General laundry might be possible but not dry cleaning if you have a busy schedule. You can clean your normal clothes at home anytime and every time, like while having your breakfast, playing with your kids, getting ready for your office, or doing other chores. But, you cannot dry clean your clothes at home as it’s a risky and time-taking process; you have to give them to dry cleaners or else your expensive pieces will get damaged.

Here, the problem is your busy routine. You don’t have time to drop off your clothes at the dry cleaners. As a result, the clothes are left unattended for days. And if there are stains on them, they get stronger with time.

We have a solution for you. Without thinking twice, you should book a dry cleaning pickup service in Dubai. With this, you don’t have to worry about going to the dry cleaner’s store to drop off the clothes. As per the date and time stated by you, anyone from the store will come to pick up your clothes. If you want, the dry cleaner can deliver the clothes as well.

One Major Advantage Of Dry Cleaning Pickup Service: If you mention your daily, weekly, or monthly requirements, you don’t have to call the dry cleaner continuously. It will be like a routine for the dry cleaner. With this, you will keep up with the dry cleaning schedule in your busy routine. Even if you forget, the dry cleaner will remember it for you.

One Important Thing To Keep In Mind When You Are Using A Dry Cleaning Pickup Service: You should know the pickup schedule of the dry cleaner. If you need complete flexibility in the pickup time, you should select the dry cleaner accordingly. Some dry cleaners don’t pick up clothes at unconventional times.

To find the schedule, you should visit the website or call the dry cleaner directly.

How Should You Prepare For Dry Cleaning Pickup Service In Dubai?


  • Gather clothes that need to be dry cleaned. Just remember that not all clothes need dry cleaning. To confirm this, you should check the labels of the clothes. If the labels say “dry clean only”, send those for dry cleaning only. The picking person will not categorize your clothes.
  • Check the pockets of the clothes before sending them to the dry cleaner. Make sure the gum, pens, or other items don’t get cleaned with the clothes. These things will interrupt the dry cleaning process and impact your clothes negatively. Sometimes, the local dry cleaners miss checking the pockets.
  • Mark the stains on the clothes before you send them to the dry cleaner. Sometimes, stains get missed. It’s better to place masking tapes or pins next to the stains, making it easier for the dry cleaner to find them. Other than this, you should provide information about the stains to the dry cleaner. With the details shared by you, the cleaning company will choose the proper chemicals to treat the stains.
  • Last, you should check the buttons and other problems with your clothes. Sometimes, buttons fall during dry cleaning or other problems make space. You can include a note with your dry cleaning clothes for the dry cleaner.

If you are busy and have piles of clothes to be dry-cleaned, you should prefer a dry cleaning pickup service in Dubai.