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How to Protect Dry Clean-Only Garments?

Garments with dry clean-only tags are very different from other clothing pieces. Even by mistake, you cannot wash dry clean-only garments normally, or else, you will lose them forever. In other words, dry clean-only garments require more attention and special care to keep their look fresh and new, even after years of wearing. One more thing, dry clean-only garments are usually costlier than normal cleaning clothes.

In this post, we will discuss a few simple tips to protect your dry clean-only garments. We hope your clothes stay fresh and new forever with these tips.

Follow A Strict Dry Cleaning Schedule 

Unlike other clothes, dry clean-only garments need a strict cleaning schedule. You cannot skip any stage of cleaning or make any changes to the cleaning schedule. Doing this will harm your clothes.

A few examples of dry cleaning schedules are discussed below:

  • Dresses- after wearing once or twice
  • Blouses- after wearing three or four times
  • Sweaters- after wearing two or three times
  • Pants and skirts- after wearing them five times
  • Outerwear- One time each season

We know it’s difficult to keep up with the dry cleaning schedule because of your busy schedule. So, we recommend using a dry cleaning pickup service in Dubai. You should tell your requirements to the cleaners and they will pick up the clothes from your home accordingly.

Don’t Store Your Clothes Without Dry Cleaning 

If you keep your dry clean-only garments in storage, make sure they are cleaned. Even if you have worn the item once, you should give it for dry cleaning before storing it. It is because body oil and other materials damage the fabric if stored without cleaning. People skip this because the materials are often invisible to the naked eye. They assume that items are fine and don’t need cleaning.

You might not find any issue while storing but notice it when you take the garment out of the storage. So, you should send your garments for dry cleaning before putting them in storage.

Take Your Clothes Off When You Are Home 

As you don’t dry clean your clothes after every wear, you should take them off immediately after reaching home. This will keep your clothes fresh and clean between trips to the dry cleaner. Also, it might reduce your trips to the dry cleaner, giving you more chances to wear the item. Most importantly, you will protect your clothes from getting stained at home.

After taking off your dry clean-only clothes, you should hang them back to avoid wrinkles. With this, the piece will be ready to wear the next time.

How Should You Prepare Your Dry Clean-Only Garments For Sending Them To The Dry Cleaning Company?

Though you have hired a dry cleaning pickup service in Dubai, you should prepare your clothes for dry cleaning. You cannot just ask cleaners to come and pick up your clothes.

To start the preparation, you should gather all your garments and check for stains. Then, mark the stains as well as inform the cleaners about how and when the garments got stained. This will help the cleaners to use the best techniques to remove the stains.

Dry clean-only garments are easy to manage if you connect with the right dry cleaning company.