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What You Should Prepare Before Hiring a Wash and Fold Service ?

Doing laundry is a difficult task. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to wash and fold clothes. For the people who do the job, this work just becomes more difficult because it is challenging to juggle both jobs. To solve this issue, the majority of consumers hire laundry services to effectively wash their garments. Using wash and fold laundry  services that offer both wash and fold choices is advantageous so you can complete your clothes fast and efficiently. In this blog, we guide on what you should prepare before go to any laundry service company.

  1. Empty Pockets: Before dropping off your clothes at the wash and fold laundry service, make sure to empty your pockets. This includes removing any loose change, receipts, or other items that may damage your clothes or the machines. Leaving these items in your pockets can also cause problems with the wash and fold service, leading to delays or lost items.
  2. Separate by Color: Separating your clothes by color is crucial to avoid color bleeding or fading. Separate your whites, lights, and darks to ensure that each load is washed and dried appropriately. If you have a new garment that you’re unsure about, wash it separately the first time to avoid any potential color transfer.
  3. Zip Up Zippers and Button Buttons: Another important step in getting your clothes ready for a wash and fold laundry service is zipping up zippers and buttoning buttons. This will lessen the likelihood of zippers catching on clothing or getting stuck in machinery. By buttoning them, you may avoid them coming undone or possibly losing them during the laundry process.
  4. Treat Stains: When giving your garments to the wash and fold laundry service, it’s a good idea to treat any stains on them. By doing this, the likelihood that the stain will be eliminated during the wash cycle will increase. There are several stain removers on the market, or you can clean stains organically by using ingredients you already have around the house like vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice.
  5. Remove Delicates and Specialty Items: Swimwear, lingerie, and other delicate or special-purpose items should be hand-washed or washed separately. These goods need careful handling and risk damage during the wash and fold cycle. Don’t forget to take them out of the laundry and wash them separately.
  6.  Don’t fill the bag too much: The weight of the laundry bag is normally what you pay for when hiring a wash-and-fold laundry service. Although it might seem like a clever method to get more value for your money, overstuffing the bag can actually harm your garments and keep them from being cleaned. Give the bag enough space so that the clothing can move around freely while being washed.
  7. Communicate Special Requests: Finally, be sure to let the wash and fold laundry service know if you have any specific demands. This may entail employing a particular detergent, washing garments in cold water, or drying some items by hanging them up to dry. By expressing these preferences, you can be confident that your garments will get the attention they require and look their best.

Preparing your clothes for wash and fold laundry service is essential to ensuring that your clothes come out clean. If you are looking for a wash-and-fold laundry service in the UAE, The Wasch Salon is the ideal choice you can make.